Why Should I Advertise Online?

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Online Marketing

Advertising and Marketing, they are things that can make a poor product a market leader. Although a lack of marketing can ensure a great product is never found. It is without any doubt that marketing is an important part of any business. Where should you focus your marketing efforts? Is it better to advertise offline […]


The Difference Between Cash and Profit

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Cash is king You’ve heard it before. Cash is king! But why is cash important and when does it matter? Cash isn’t the sales and bills you’re processing, it’s what you actually have right now available to spend. In any business it is one of the most important things. It can make or break a […]


Getting started with Xero

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Outsourced Finance

When getting started using Xero, you’ll soon wonder how you could manage without it. It’s our recommended software here at AFSolutions as we know how happy clients are when they can see their cash flow situation whenever they want, send online invoices, pay bills and run their businesses more effectively. While we set up the […]